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Afrikaans morphological evaluative constructions dataset
A dataset of Afrikaans morphological evaluative constructions (MEC's) and their word frequency classes. The MEC's have been compiled using extracted constructions from the corpus collections accessible through the Virtual Institute for Afrikaans (VivA). The files are grouped in affixoids, compounds, affixes and other typed of MEC's. This dataset forms the basis of the description of Afrikaans MEC's in a PhD thesis. * The full dataset will be made available once the final assessment of the thesis has been completed.
Benito Trollip
North-West University
Benito, Trollip
morphology; word frequency class; affix; evaluative; construction; affixoid; prefixoid; suffixoid; taboo; interfix; prefix; suffix; compound; MEC; intensification; elative; expressive
20 Excel files (some with more than one sheet included in the same file)
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