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Denominal adjectives in Afrikaans dataset
This dataset contain a collection of Afrikaans denominal adjectives that were extracted from the Virtual Institute for Afrikaans' corpus portal. The denominal adjectives are only those that end with either ·agtig or ·erig - two common adjective-forming affixes in Afrikaans. This dataset has been enriched by mainly morphological annotation, but also some semantic annotation. An updated version of this dataset (version 2020-10-28) is used in Denominal adjectives in Afrikaans: The cases of ·agtig and ·e·rig (2020).
Benito Trollip
South African Centre for Digital Language Resources
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International:
Trollip, Benito
Trollip, Benito
Afrikaans; denominal adjectives; agtig; erig; morphology; derivational structure; linking element
Trollip, B. 2020. Denominal adjectives in Afrikaans dataset: 2020-05-06. (
Annotated monolingual text corpus
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