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Afrikaans linking element dataset
(Afrikaans follows English) This data set was compiled for a study in which the possible semantic content of Afrikaans linking elements was investigated. The data set is a subset of compounds and non-compounds that formed part of previous projects (AuCoPro and NCHLT respectively). The items that were extracted for purposes of this study, contain different linking elements and were used as the basis of the empirical part of the study. // Hierdie datastel is saamgestel vir 'n studie waarin die moontlike semantiese inhoud van Afrikaanse valensiemorfeme ondersoek is. Die datastel is 'n deelversameling van komposita en nonkomposita wat deel gevorm het van vorige projekte (AuCoPro en NCHLT onderskeidelik). Die items wat onttrek is, bevat verskillende valensiemorfeme en is in die studie as die basis van die empiriese ondersoek gebruik. //
Benito Trollip
North-West University
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International:
Trollip, EB
Afrikaans, compounds, linking element, morphology, non-compounds, semantics, valensiemorfeem
Trollip, E.B. (2016). 'n Beskrywing van die valensiemorfeem in Afrikaans vanuit 'n kognitiewe gebruiksgebaseerde beskrywingsraamwerk. [A description of the linking element in Afrikaans from a cognitive grammar, usage-based perspective] North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. Magister Artium.
Monolingual data set
2 Excel sheets, 288 compounds, 75 non-compounds
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