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Afrikaans text unit identification data
This dataset was developed during a masters degree and used in the development of a text unit identifier capable of tagging sentences, named-entities, words, abbreviations and punctuation in Afrikaans text. The dataset consists of 39,762 tokens, containing 3,294 named entities in 1,581 sentences. The data was manually annotated by the author and verified by an independent linguist according to the tagset developed during the same study. Details on the annotation and tagset used are available in the publication mentioned above in (2). The data is also presented in CoNNL-2002 format (Sang, E. F., & De Meulder, F. (2003). Introduction to the CoNLL-2003 shared task: Language-independent named entity recognition. Available at:
Martin Puttkammer
Centre for Text Technology, North-West University
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International:
Puttkammer, Martin
Afrikaans, Tokenisation, Sentence recognition, Named-entity recognition, sentence, named-entity, word, token
Puttkammer, M.J. 2006. Outomatiese Afrikaanse tekseenheididentifisering. Potchefstroom: North-West University. (Dissertation - MA).
Monolingual text corpus: annotated
39,762 tokens
195,324 bytes (zipped)
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