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Autshumato Machine Translation Web Service (MTWS)
The MTWS is a unified interface through which anyone can gain access to the MT systems developed in the Autshumato project. It can provide sentence, document and web page translation in any of the available language pairs. New MT systems can easily be added to the MTWS to be instantly available to anyone with an internet connection.
Martin Puttkammer
Centre for Text Technology; North-West University
GNU GPL version 3
Afrikaans; isiZulu; Sesotho sa Leboa (Sepedi); Setswana; Xitsonga
Wildrich Fourie; Ismail Lavangee; Cindy McKellar
Martin Puttkammer
Machine translation; South African languages; web service
Machine translator
Autshumato (
Resource Index
afr; zul; nso; tsn; tso

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  • Resource Index [375]
    A collection of language resource metadata mostly collected during the NHN funded technology audit of 2009, as well as the SADiLaR technology audit of 2018. Not all resources in this collection are available for download.

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