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Autshumato Xitsonga Frequency Word List
A list of the most frequent Xitsonga words as deliverable of the Autshumato project.
Sunny Gent
North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT)
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa License:
Wikus Pienaar; Wildrich Fourie; Cindy McKellar
McKellar, C.A. 2014. An English-Xitsonga SMT system for the government domain. (In: Proceedings of the 2014 PRASA, RobMech and AfLaT International Joint Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa).
Monolingual lexica
139.62 Kb
17 907 Xitsonga words.
Text; UTF8
Government Documents
The data is given in two separate files:\n- List.XitsongaFrequencyWordList.\n& Comma separated values files which contain all of the word with their frequencies, each on a new line;\n& ordered from most to least frequent and then alphabetically.\n& \n- List.XitsongaFrequencyWordList.\n& Plain text file containing all of the most frequent words, each on a new line; \n& ordered from most to least frequent and then alphabetically.\n\nAll exact duplicates have been removed. The data might contain Named Entities.
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2018-02-05T20:20:44Z; 2018-03-05T17:50:30Z
2018-02-05T20:20:44Z; 2018-03-05T17:50:30Z

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