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NCHLT-inlang Pronunciation Dictionaries
Broad phonemic transcriptions for 15,000 generic words in each of 11 languages. Each dictionary has an associated rule set for generating pronunciations for unseen words.
Karen Calteaux
Meraka Institute, CSIR; North-West University
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0):
Afrikaans; English; isiNdebele; isiXhosa; isiZulu; Sesotho sa Leboa (Sepedi); Setswana; Sesotho; Siswati; Tshivenda; Xitsonga
Marelie Davel
Charl van Heerden; Willem Basson; Simon Kemisho; Thipe Modipa; Mpho Kgampe; Etienne Barnard; Martin Puttkammer; various language practitioners from C-Trans (NWU); Translation World.
E. Barnard, M. H. Davel, C. van Heerden, F. de Wet and J. Badenhorst, "The NCHLT corpus of the South African languages", in Proc. SLTU, May 2014.
Pronunciation dictionaries
1.1 Mb
15,000 words per language
Text: UTF8, tab-delimited text Pronunciations: X-SAMPA Audio: 44,100 bps, 16-bit mono wav encoding
NCHLT Speech
15,000 generic words
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afr; eng; nbl; xho; zul; sot; nso; tsn; ssw; ven; tso
2018-02-05T20:18:41Z; 2018-03-05T17:48:03Z
2018-02-05T20:18:41Z; 2018-03-05T17:48:03Z

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