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Unisa isiXhosa Audio Corpus
The main objective of the project was to develop a platform of computer supported basic linguistic resources for the 9 official African Languages of South Africa. The aim is to collect audio-visual recordings of spoken language used in a variety of social activities in natural settings for each one of the languages. Transcription of the recorded speech has been done.
University of South Africa
isiXhosa; isiZulu
Monolingual speech corpora: Unannotated
Resource Index
xho; zul
2018-02-05T07:33:04Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:28Z
2018-02-05T07:33:04Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:28Z

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  • Resource Index [412]
    A collection of language resource metadata mostly collected during the NHN funded technology audit of 2009, as well as the SADiLaR technology audit of 2018. Not all resources in this collection are available for download.

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