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Open Spell (v1.0)
Open Spell is spelling game that provides spelling exercises (in the language education domain) to teach spelling skills to schoolchildren between the ages 7-12 who live in developing regions; current version is localised in the 11 official South African languages. The source code is freely available in the Open Source domain under a GPL license, available for teachers and other developers to use, adapt and improve on for their specific classroom needs, curriculum, language, and dialect. Open Spell is also available in Hebrew, Hindi, Tamil, English, French, Senegalese and is easily modifiable and supports most writing systems used in the world today.
Meraka Institute, CSIR; TEIR; ICSI at University of California (Berkeley)
Afrikaans; English; isiNdebele; isiXhosa; isiZulu; Sesotho sa Leboa (Sepedi); Setswana; Sesotho; Siswati; Tshivenda; Xitsonga
Computer assisted language learning (CALL)
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afr; eng; nbl; xho; zul; sot; nso; tsn; ssw; ven; tso
2018-02-05T07:33:00Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:08Z
2018-02-05T07:33:00Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:08Z

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