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Normalises input files to txt, utf8, replaces smart quotes with straight quotes, removes empty lines, etc.
Martin Puttkammer
North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT)
Afrikaans; English; isiNdebele; isiXhosa; isiZulu; Sesotho sa Leboa (Sepedi); Setswana; Sesotho; Siswati; Tshivenda; Xitsonga
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afr; eng; nbl; xho; zul; sot; nso; tsn; ssw; ven; tso
2018-02-05T07:33:07Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:07Z
2018-02-05T07:33:07Z; 2018-03-05T14:58:07Z

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  • Resource Index [412]
    A collection of language resource metadata mostly collected during the NHN funded technology audit of 2009, as well as the SADiLaR technology audit of 2018. Not all resources in this collection are available for download.

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