In 2009, the South African National HLT Network (NHN) funded a technology audit that was conducted to form a clear profile of the research and development activities in the human language technology field in South Africa. This audit was used as the basis for the RMA Index, which is a list of South African resources with the relevant metadata (information such as developer details and specifications). Some of these resources are included in the RMA Catalogue, and are therefore available for download.

Collections in this community

  • Resource Catalogue [239]

    A collection of language resources available for download from the RMA of SADiLaR. The collection mostly consists of resources developed with funding from the Department of Arts and Culture.
  • Resource Index [383]

    A collection of language resource metadata mostly collected during the NHN funded technology audit of 2009, as well as the SADiLaR technology audit of 2018. Not all resources in this collection are available for download.
  • Student Data Repository [1]

    A collection of language resources available as part of the output of post-graduate study programs

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