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    • W-NORM 

      Wikus Pienaar, et al. (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2015-06-30) ~ Resource Catalogue
      W-NORM is a graphical user interface (GUI), written in Perl and GTK2, for the Vowels 1.2 package. Vowels 1.2 is written in the R programming language ...
    • WAT A-Q 

      Unknown author (WAT (Afrikaans NLU), 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      Die Elektroniese WAT A-Q is a comprehensive monolingual Afrikaans dictionary, distributed together with Woordkeusegids - 'n Kerntesourus van Afrikaans ...
    • WAT quotation collection 

      Bureau of the WAT (N/A, 2022-10-14)
      Collection of short quotations/excerpts from a variety of books (fiction, non-fiction & academic).
    • WAT word slips collection 

      Bureau of the WAT (Bureau of the WAT, 2022-10-14)
      Approximately 3,5 million index cards containing Afrikaans words (lemmas), meanings and expressions, as well as example sentences (quotations) that has ...
    • Woefzela 

      Etienne Barnard, et al. (Meraka Institute, CSIR, 2014-07-04) ~ Resource Catalogue
      The primary purpose of the Woefzela software application is to record a list of prompts by a number of different speakers. The resultant output is then ...
    • Xitsonga Custom Dictionary for Government Domain 

      Martin Puttkammer, et al. (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2013-02-22) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Word list developed as a custom dictionary for use in the spelling checkers as part of the spelling checker project for the Department of Arts and ...
    • Xitsonga Genre Classification Corpus 

      Gerhard van Huyssteen, et al. (Trifonius, 2013-06-19) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Contains training and testing data for Genre Classification for Xitsonga.
    • Xitsonga Spelling Checker 1.0 

      Unknown author (Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      Spelling checkers and hyphenators for South African languages compatible with Microsoft® Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 or Microsoft® Office 2013. ...
    • ZulMorph 

      Laurette Pretorius, et al. (University of South Africa, 2018-03-01) ~ Resource Index
      Finite-state morphological analyser for Zulu based on the Xerox toolkit and compatible with foma. Available at