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    • African Wordnet: Tshivenda 1.0 

      African Wordnet Project (UNISA, 2017-06-20) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Developed using the expand model with Princeton WordNet 2.0 as basis. Each wordnet contains synsets with at least the following fields:\nWord form (lemma; ...
    • Afrikaans 20,000 Word Rule Set (v.2007) 

      Unknown author (Meraka Institute, CSIR, 2015-02-05) ~ Resource Index
      Grapheme-to-phoneme rule set based on 20,000-word Afrikaans pronunciation dictionary
    • Afrikaans Chunker 

      Unknown author (University of South Africa, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      Chunker for Afrikaans based on memory-based machine learning.
    • Afrikaans Custom Dictionary for Government Domain 

      Gerhard van Huyssteen, et al. (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2013-02-22) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Word list developed as a custom dictionary for use in the spelling checkers as part of the spelling checker project for the Department of Arts and ...
    • Afrikaans Genre Classification Corpus 

      Gerhard van Huyssteen, et al. (Trifonius, 2013-06-19) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Contains training and testing data for Genre Classification for Afrikaans.
    • Afrikaans lexical blends dataset 

      Trollip, Benito, et al. (North-West University, 2023-12)
      This a dataset of Afrikaans blend constructions that have been collected and analysed using the Levenshtein distance metric. This dataset serves as the ...
    • Afrikaans linking element dataset 

      Trollip, EB (North-West University, 2019) ~ Resource Catalogue
      (Afrikaans follows English) This data set was compiled for a study in which the possible semantic content of Afrikaans linking elements was investigated. ...
    • Afrikaans morphological evaluative constructions dataset 

      Trollip, Benito (North-West University, 2022-11-04)
      A dataset of Afrikaans morphological evaluative constructions (MECs) and their word frequency classes. The MECs have been compiled using extracted ...
    • Afrikaans multi-speaker TTS corpus 

      Unknown author (MuST, NWU, 2018-02-27) ~ Resource Index
      The aim of this corpus was to investigate the implementation of a high-quality TTS system using multiple voices recorded using a low-cost process (i.e. ...
    • Afrikaans Part of Speech Data 

      Unknown author (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2015-01-30) ~ Resource Index
      POS annotated data used to train POS tagger. The tagset was specifically designed for Afrikaans and consists of 139 pos-tags.
    • Afrikaans Pronunciation Dictionary 

      Unknown author (Meraka Institute, CSIR; Stellenbosch University, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      Pronunciation dictionary compiled from Lwazi ASR dictionary and the "Taalkommissie Korpus". Dictionary to be used for the development of a large vocabulary ...
    • Afrikaans Radio News Speech Corpus 

      Unknown author (Meraka Institute, CSIR; North-West University; Stellenbosch University; Stellenbosch Universtity, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      News bulletins purchased from the SABC. Data to be used for the development of a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system for Afrikaans.
    • Afrikaans speaking children's first lexical items 

      Brink, Nina (North-West University, 2018-05-17) ~ Resource Catalogue
      Data collected for a master's study in Afrikaans linguistics. The data consist of the first lexical items of 21 Afrikaans speaking children. The lexical ...
    • Afrikaans text unit identification data 

      Puttkammer, Martin (Centre for Text Technology, North-West University, 2006) ~ Resource Catalogue
      This dataset was developed during a masters degree and used in the development of a text unit identifier capable of tagging sentences, named-entities, ...
    • Afrikaans TnT-Tagger 

      Unknown author (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2015-01-30) ~ Resource Index
      The Afrikaans TnT-tagger is a part of speech tagger that can be used to add part of speech tags to Afrikaans texts.The tagger is an Afrikaans version ...
    • Afrikaans Trajectories 

      Unknown author (Department of African Languages - University of Pretoria, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      Frequency analysis of Afrikaans words in the Media24 Archive from 1980-2003 presented in the form of total frequency per word in 5 year intervals as ...
    • Afrikaans Wordnet 1.0 

      Unknown author (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2015-02-05) ~ Resource Index
      The Afrikaans WordNet is a lexical reference source displaying some similarities with dictionaries and thesauri. Together with ALEXANDER, our other ...
    • Afrikaans-English-Xhosa-Zulu Aid on Cellphone 

      Unknown author (Pharos Dictionaries, 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      Translations for words in 4 languages
    • Afrikaanse Speltoetser 3.1 

      Unknown author (Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      Afrikaans spelling checker that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2000 and up. This version of CTexT's well-known spelling checker for Afrikaans now ...
    • AST Prototype Demonstrators 

      Unknown author (CatchWord, 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      South African English prototype of an automated hotel information and reservation system developed during the AST project. The prototype system was ...