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    • Dagsê 1.1; Ngenani 3.1; Sondelani1.1; Tsenang3.1 

      Unknown author (Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      An individual's endeavour to speak to someone in their mother tongue cultivates respect. This in turn may lead to better understanding between culture ...
    • Denominal adjectives in Afrikaans dataset 

      Trollip, Benito (South African Centre for Digital Language Resources, 2020-05-15) ~ Resource Catalogue
      This dataset contain a collection of Afrikaans denominal adjectives that were extracted from the Virtual Institute for Afrikaans' corpus portal. The ...
    • Description of N|uu 

      Sands, Bonny, et al. (Bonny Sands, 2015-10-06)
      Recordings of dictionary entries for a pan-dialectal dictionary of the N|uu language (Eastern and Western dialects) made by Bonny Sands, Johanna Brugman, ...
    • Dictionary of South African English 

      Unknown author (Dictionary Unit for South African English; Rhodes University, 2018-02-05) ~ Resource Index
      Full online edition of A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles (Silva et al, Oxford University Press, 1996), showing language of ...
    • DictionaryMaker 

      Marelie Davel, et al. (Meraka Institute, CSIR, 2013-07-15) ~ Resource Catalogue
      The purpose of the DictionaryMaker system is to facilitate the creation of an electronic pronunciation dictionary in a target language, as originally ...
    • Domain Independent TTS for isiZulu 

      Unknown author (University of South Africa, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      isiZulu TTS system developed during a bilateral research project (South Africa/Japan). HTS based (HMM-based synthesis)
    • DSAE Citations Database 

      Unknown author (Dictionary Unit for South African Languages, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      Citations contained in A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles (1996) covering English usage in SA up to 1995, plus new material ...
    • DSAE Print Citations Database 

      Unknown author (Dictionary Unit for South African English; Rhodes University, 2018-02-05) ~ Resource Index
      C . 300 000 index cards collected from 1969 onwards to document English words with a unique meaning / usage in South Africa, as research process for A ...
    • English-IsiNdebele Glossary of Medical Terms 

      Malele, Nomsebenzi (University of South Africa (UNISA), 2021-09-01)
      This is the PhD project, where English-isiNdebele glossary of medical terms was compiled by a PhD candidate.
    • EtsaTrans 

      Unknown author (University of the Free State, 2015-01-28) ~ Resource Index
      The EtsaTrans machine translation system was build with the intention to do translation of documents from a source language to a target language. Currently ...
    • EWA 

      Unknown author (WAT (Afrikaans NLU), 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      Die Etimologiewoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal is an Afrikaans etymological dictionary, distributed in Folio Views for Windows
    • Ex Machina: Using NLP and statistical learning models to model eyewitness statements and choosing behaviour 

      Nortje, Alicia, et al. (Sadilar, 2019-05-07)
      This curated database includes data from various of empirical studies where eyewitness statements and descriptions were collected. The original studies, ...
    • Fannie Sebolela Oral Corpus 

      Unknown author (Department of African Languages - University of Pretoria, 2015-01-27) ~ Resource Index
      Tape recordings and transcriptions of 13 mother tongue speakers. Transcribed orthographically.
    • Final year high school examination texts of South African home and first additional language subjects 

      Sibeko, Johannes, et al. (South African Centre for Digital Language Resources, 2022-11-16)
      This data collection consists of reading comprehension and summary writing texts. The texts comprise of the final year high school exam texts for ...
    • Format Normaliser 1.0. 

      Unknown author (North-West University; Centre for Text Technology (CTexT), 2015-01-30) ~ Resource Index
      Normalises input files to txt, utf8, replaces smart quotes with straight quotes, removes empty lines, etc.
    • Fulfulde Monolingual Children First Language Acquisition (Babbling & First Words) 

      CISSE, Ibrahima Abdoul Hayou (Ibrahima Abdoul Hayou CISSE, 2010)
      Dataset contains videos of children interacting with caregivers. Languages included: Fulfulde/Fula/Pulaar/Pular/Fulani
    • Generic Bilingual Academic Wordlist with Definitions 

      ICELDA, et al. (ICELDA; SADiLaR, 2021)
      The academic wordlist has been developed to serve as a resource to students to assist them to better understand words used within the information they ...
    • Generic Multilingual Academic Wordlists with Definitions 

      Van Dyk, Tobie (SADiLaR; ICELDA, 2022)
      This multilingual generic academic wordlist has been developed to serve as a resource to students to assist with building a vocabulary and decoding ...
    • GF Miniature Resource for Tswana 

      Laurette Marais, Meraka, et al. (HLT Research Group, Meraka Institute, CSIR, 2018-03-06) ~ Resource Index
      This miniature resource grammar parses and generates main clause sentences in various tenses, moods and aspects in Tswana. The lexicon is limited, but ...
    • GNApp (VSep2009) 

      Unknown author (Meraka Institute, CSIR, 2013-07-01) ~ Resource Index
      An augmentative and alternate communication (AAC) device which generates synthesised (or pre-recorded) speech as output based on icons. Available as a ...